Welcome to Food as a Verb.

We're really glad you're here.

Welcome to Food as a Verb.

It is a connective tissue between us. – Brian McDonald, owner of Mac's Kitchen and Bar, Rossville, Georgia

Look around.

The landscape of Chattanooga food is arguably the best it's ever been.

We have multiple James Beard-nominated chefs, a dynamic and beautifully diverse restaurant scene, and, out in the open air, fields and valleys, a legacy of visionary, hard-working farmers, some of whom are working the same land as their great-grandfathers and mothers.

This community is Chattanooga: young, old, Black, white, Pakistani, Greek, Guatemalan, Indian, Jordanian, Queer, straight, conservative and liberal, moderate and radical. Their work feeds us. Without them, there is no us.

Food as a Verb is our tribute to them.

Look around again. In a time of chaotic media and divisive culture, we are fraying at the seams. As an alternative, Food as a Verb is shifting attention towards one delicious thing that connects us.


Food as comfort, refuge, transcendence, pleasure, meaning and memory.

Food as love and sustenance.

Food as action.

Food as a Verb is Chattanooga’s only media devoted to telling the stories — agrarian, delightful, spiritual, gutsy stories – of local food in all its forms.

Who’s spotlighting, dignifying and documenting Chattanooga food?

We are.

Each week, we'll send you photo-documented stories, profiles, podcasts, essays, interviews and columns unlike any being published in Chattanooga.

We aren't reviewing restaurants; we're reviewing society, illuminating all the ways that food integrates and intersects with culture, race, religion, poverty, politics, sports, family, sexuality.

Food as a Verb is a community of people who care about food, farming, restaurants, food culture and health.

Come join us.

Fall in love (again) with local food.

On behalf of the Food as a Verb team,

David Cook

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