Our Story

Who are we?

Yes, good question.

We’re Chattanoogans. Just like you. 

We’re regular folks – creators, writers, parents, climbers, backyard chicken owners – who have found refuge in some form of food: farming, gardening, cooking, eating, drinking, savoring. Probably, too, just like you.

We're also tired of media that attends to so many chaotic and unimportant things. We believe an alternative is possible.

Cultivation. Harvest. Care. Sustenance. Delight. Community. 

That’s why we’re offering Food as a Verb to this community.

Tired of reactionary politics and a drive-by news media, we wanted something more nourishing, a sort of storytelling version of Slow Food Movement.

Food as a Verb our vision for media devoted to telling the stories of local food, farmers, chefs and restaurants.

Without them, there's no us.

Who are we?

And you, too.

Be a part of Food as a Verb. Get to know your baker, farmer, brewer, barista.

Fall in love (again) with local food.

David Cook + Alysia Leon, Bird Form Farm, Sequatchie County