For the Love of Bihar

A culinary homage to home.

For the Love of Bihar
Sujata Singh, Spice Trail, Chattanooga, Tenn.

When you walk into a dinner hosted by Sujata Singh, you enter a warm, welcomed space complete with flowers, beautifully set tables and air filled with the the most delightful spices and herbs. 

 Last Thursday, we joined Singh for her special dinner event called “For the Love of Bihar." The culinary experience paid homage to Bihar, her home state in India, and was hosted at her downtown Spice Trail restaurant, a neighborhood cultural oasis that Chattanooga is incredibly fortunate to have. 

"Most of Bihari food is very simple, yet delicious because of its simplicity," Singh mentioned in her first Food as a Verb story. "The deliciousness lies in the fresh ingredients and keeping the focus on the food and not over complicating or overwhelming the flavors of the main ingredients."

For the Love of Bihar! Dinner Menu, Spice Trail, Chattanooga, Tenn.

"When I began hosting these dinners, I was all about creating menus with a theme, never repeating the same one twice," Singh posted. "However, I always shied away from a Bihari-themed dinner. Bihari cuisine isn't widely known outside its home region, much less outside of India. Plus, finding the right ingredients for just one dish was a challenge, let alone an entire menu. But I've finally managed it. I've curated a menu that pays homage to Bihar, sourcing everything needed to bring these flavors to life."

"But I've finally managed it. I've curated a menu that pays homage to Bihar, sourcing everything needed to bring these flavors to life."

Sujata Singh

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And, with a deep breath and a full belly, man we are glad she shared a slice of her world with us.

Like her dumplings, with their unique textures. And the savory slow cooked lamb. The crunch of Bhoonja, the trail mix Singh enjoyed as a kid. Throughout the night, Singh told stories about home, her childhood and the foods she served.

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Each dish and story, along with the intimate candlelit setting, made for an evening to remember. We left with a true appreciation for Bihari food and a continued appreciation for Indian cuisine, especially Singh's Spice Trail.

If you haven't joined Sujata Singh at Spice Trail for one of her dinners, cooking classes, fresh hot lunch, or simply to pick up a new genre of food to take home and share with friends and family, we urge you to not miss out on this neighborhood gem.

You can check out her April menu here.

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