One month in ... we'd buy you all coffee if we could.

One month in ... we'd buy you all  coffee if we could.
Green Bean Coffee Co., Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sept. 27, 2023

It's Chattanooga Coffee Week and we'd buy all of you a cup if we could.

But we can't. At least, not yet. One day soon ...


Because you have supported, encouraged and loved us.

One month ago, we launched Food as a Verb, telling local food stories you can’t find anywhere else.

You responded with open arms, supporting and subscribing in such generous ways.

Food as a Verb community, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And we’re just getting started.

This Sunday, meet Brian McDonald and Mac’s Kitchen & Bar, where Southern, local food is made new again. His story? Powerful, brave and Southern, straight out of Boston. 

Mac's Kitchen & Bar, Rossville, Georgia

In the meantime, you can "support local coffee" and Chattanooga Coffee Week by visiting one of the two dozen participating coffee shops – where coffee's $4 – from Mad Priest Roasters to (Be)Caffeinated to Goodman Coffee Roasters.

To celebrate, Food as a Verb visited Green Bean Coffee Co., a beautiful, plant-filled coffee shop located on East 12th Street inside Camphouse. (There's another Gunbarrel Rd. shop.)

The coffee shop is inviting and plant-filled and its menu is creative and plant-based. As far as we know, it's also the only Kava bar in town.

"Wellness from the inside out," said Chelsea Massengill, who greeted us.

It echoes what Spencer Perez, owner of Coffee Machine Service Co., said about coffee.

"There is a web of influence," said Perez in his Food as a Verb feature. "This thing is alive."

So are we.

One month ago, Food as a Verb launched its very first post: a profile of the wonderfully talented and deeply kind Rebecca Barron. Since then, we've featured farmers, herbalists, coffee creatives and an oatmeal food truck owner with a hell-of-a-good story.

This community quickly grew to nearly 500 subscribers. A responsive, encouraging social media following. Unforgettably generous partners and sponsors. Often, I couldn't even get the question out of my mouth before you responded: yes, we have your back. We're in your corner. This is important for Chattanooga. (I won't ever forget that. You know who you are.)

Soon, we're profiling more chefs, like Khaled AlBanna. Bryan Slayton. Farmers like the Tara and Brad Smith and Hissing Possum. We'll visit breweries. Cattle farms. (Teddy Gentry? We'd love to come visit.) Bread-makers like Erik and Lauren Zilen, who've got such a compelling vision for this city.

You'll see more recipes. More instruction and how-to's. And community events. We're still getting our sea legs, but the best is yet to come.

And always, always beautiful, original, heartening images throughout.

Peppers, Main St. Farmers' Market, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Help us spread the word and build the Food as a Verb community.

Support local farmers' markets – always listed at the end of Wednesday's column – and restaurants, breweries, coffee houses.

Thank you, Chattanooga (and Nashville, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama) for the way you received us.

Happy Coffee Week, Chattanooga. One day, a cup on us.

All photography by Sarah Unger. Visit

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